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We're a community of future friends, collaborators and change makers. You already support what we do. But, as a member, you are part of the tribe in a more intimate way. We know that our strength comes from the collective efforts of our group, which requires a strong foundation of mutual interests, in order to stand the test of time and adversity. 

Mastermind Connect was founded on three basic principles: Resources, Reciprocity, and Respect. Our group was born in Brooklyn, NY, and recently opened our second chapter in Washington, D.C.. We are looking to expand to the West Coast by Fall 2018.

This form serves as an extension of the membership intake process. These questions will provide additional talking points for a follow-up conversation with one of our senior members.
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Be it through, peer mentoring, or career consulting, we all understand that the most valuable detail of the Mastermind Connect is the connection.  The union of men from different walks of life, each with different philosophies, and different skill-sets, all working collectively for the betterment of the collective, thus helping ourselves to better execute our own individual purposes. 

There is no Mastermind, without the Connection.