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When you form a true mastermind alliance with others, and work with them in a spirit of perfect harmony, you can draw freely upon the spiritual forces within you carrying out your plans and desires
— Napoleon Hill
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The Mastermind Connect was founded on three basic principles: Resources, Reciprocity, and Respect. We knew that our strength would come from the collective efforts of our group, which would require a strong foundation of mutual respect, in order to stand the test of time and adversity.

With respect as our common link, we can better pool together our resources to support each-other in the creation of achievable and measurable goals, holding each-other accountable; to set up excursions; create lifestyle and wellness events; and ultimately, establish a strong community, both publicly and virtually.  These methods allow us to reach a larger audience, not only boosting membership and awareness, but allowing us to execute our highest cause: reciprocity.

Be it through, peer mentoring, or career consulting, we all understand that the most valuable detail of the Mastermind Connect is the connection.  The union of men from different walks of life, each with different philosophies, and different skill-sets, all working collectively for the betterment of the collective, thus helping ourselves to better execute our own individual purposes. 

There is no Mastermind, without the Connection.


Membership dues help us sustain our programs. We want to make sure this group is filled with quality men looking to elevate personally and professionally, through our pillars of RESOURCES, RECIPROCITY and RESPECT.

Membership Cost

Initiation Fee: $99 

Annual Membership Dues: $300 ($25 monthly and $150 bi-annually options available)

Please submit the Become a Member form, located at the top of this page, to be considered for membership.

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