Camping to COnnect III Overview


You’re invited to Camping to Connect III. A yearly camping experience for Mastermind Connect members only.

On Saturday, June 29, 2019, we’re going back to Wolf Hollow Camp for a weekend of axe throwing, hiking, relaxing, bonding, and of course, camping.

Please complete the registration form below, no later than June 20, 2019. We need to coordinate all the logistics for camping gear, and transportation options available to ensure we all have a great experience. There aren’t any fees associated with this experience. BYOB.



We’re going to be base camping, a more relaxing form of camping than survival type camping or backpacking. However, it is more rustic than RV camping. All you need to take on your base camping trip are your basic camping essentials. If you don’t have access to them, no worries, we will work in securing them for you. This is a team effort.

The basic supplies you will need are; a tent, sleeping bag, and a lantern. For a more comfortable base camp you can bring along sleeping pads, an air mattress or pillow. If you have room in your car you can also pack lawn chairs. If you don’t have any of the basic supplies, we will help you secure them. If you have any to share, please let us know. Either way, you will need to communicate this to us by submitting the registration form provided below.


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We will need every seat of every car available. If you have a car, we will most likely need it to accommodate other members, food, supplies and/or gear.

We will have three strategic meeting points in the NYC metro area, starting at 7:30 am, with a final departure from Costco Business Center in Hackensack, NJ by 8:30 am. Please be on time, as some groups will have to wait for others to sort out cargo space and make room for passengers. As some members learned last year, be on time, or be left behind. The drive from the city is about 3.5hrs. Our goal is to arrive by Noon at the campsite. We will be heading back to the city 24 hrs later.


Meetup Points:

Group A: meets at MC Headquarters at 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY. 7:30 am to pack up gear. Leaves promptly at 7:45 am to meet Group B in Harlem on the way up (if there is a need for space there) on their way to meet Group C in NJ. Leader; Vernon Jones. 347-228-2374

Group B: Meets at Dunkin Donuts at 145th St. and St. Nicholas Ave, Harlem, at 7:45 am to organize gear, pickup donuts and coffee, napkins and cups for all groups. Departs to meet Group C at 8 am, once connected with Group A. Leader; Theodore Samuels 646-348-0070

Group C: The NJ members meet at Costco Business Center, Hackensack, NJ at 8 am to purchase food, water, essentials and ice. Leader; Mike McConnell. 347-428-6144

Groups A, B and C depart together at 8:30 am from Costco to Wolf Hollow Camp, 56 Mastrion Rd, Andes, NY.

Group D: The DC crew heads straight to Wolf Hollow Camp. Leader; JD Weatherspoon. 561-860-1258



Burgers, chicken, salmon patties, veggies, bread, chips, hummus, salsa, s’mores, snacks, with grits, oatmeal and chef’s choice for breakfast; juices and potable water will be provided too. Vegan options will be available. Please let us know of any food allergies. Alcoholic beverages are BYOB.


A port-a-potty is on the camping ground, along with a makeshift shower.


  1. Connecting with nature

  2. Unplugging from technology and city distractions

  3. Build a stronger communion with your fellow MC members

  4. Personal growth through camaraderie and getting out of your comfort zone.


  • We will be in the Catskill Mountains. Average temperature by the end of June in Andes, NY is around 75 degrees during the day, dropping to the low 50’s at night. Dress accordingly.

  • Let us know if you are not capable of enduring a sustained level of exertion through a moderate hike.

  • Wear boots or sneakers you would not mind getting dirty (or muddy if it rains).

  • Bring an extra pair of socks (wool recommended).

  • Do not rely on cell phone service (cuts off 20 minutes before reaching exact location)

  • There is no electricity on site.

  • The Bushman games begin as soon as the tents come up.

  • Omari Atiba will challenge you to a freestyle rap battle.

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Please register here ASAP, no later than Thursday, June 20, 2019, and let Manny Almonte know if you have any questions or concerns at



Name *
In working condition, with rain cover and all poles included.
As per described by manufacturer. We will not max out tent capacity.
Entering zero means you need us to help you secure one.
If so, please bring the necessary medicine (e.g. epipen).
Please choose "Yes" only if you're willing to transport people/food/camping gear?

Lastly, let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together. For this experience, we will apply The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace.