Mike Mcconnell


Michael "Mike" McConnell is an independent consultant who has been advising various brands in the Fashion, Non-profit, Spirits and Event industry for close to a decade. Mike has used his lifestyle marketing & event marketing expertise to effectively increase market share for various brands while enabling them to reach their intended target audience.

Mike is the principal consultant for Rebel Camp, a creative marketing group helping corporations connect with consumers. Mike enjoys spending time riding motorcycles and being with his family.


Marlon D. Briscoe


Marlon D. Briscoe is a partner in C.A.M.A.D.M.E. Group, a licensed realtor and manager of the family-owned franchise Home-Smart Cross-Island, located in Rosedale, NY.  He has devoted 90 percent of his efforts as a Certified Buyers Representative in acquiring first homes as well as investment properties. Briscoe is also owner of Body By Briscoe, llc, a health and wellness company that focuses on a holistic and comprehensive approach to achieving fitness goals via nutritional adaptations and dynamic movement patterns for relative sport and aesthetic accomplishments.

Marlon is creator of the renowned fitness program Briscoe’s Boomer Basics™ geared towards revitalizing the baby boomer population through body weight exercises, as well as motivational lectures, at the National Urban Leagues Men’s Health Seminar.  Marlon lives in Queens, NY, and is interested in a broad spectrum of music, books and fashion. He is also learning French. 


Manny Almonte


Manny Almonte is an accomplished entrepreneur, web designer, curator, marketing and sales professional with a trajectory of distinguished brand development and alliance initiatives. Among different endeavors, Manny is currently the Principal at MA Reloaded, LLC, a web design and social media marketing firm, which, among other things, helps create a platform for personal brands and small businesses launching in the US market (i.e, this website). Born in the Dominican Republic, and made in NYC, Manny has a habit of always carrying a piece of his homeland with him; hand-rolled, preferably enjoyed in good company, and a bottle of aged rum.

Besides his love for working with community and the youth through his efforts at Mastermind Connect, Manny is a freestyle writer and cycling enthusiast who enjoys his free time with his family and dog Leo, in Brooklyn, NY.


Vernon Jones


Vernon Jones is a digital media expert, a real estate guru, and a self-proclaimed positive energy junkie. Vernon is the VP of Jones Innovative Group, the umbrella company for JIG Media and JIG Real Estate. Family owned and operated, the firm is based in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn New York. Recent clients include AT&T, Keller Williams, Affinity Health, Under Armour, Shop Rite, Mercedes Benz, and Panera Bread, to name a few. 

Some of JIG’s brands include DIYmakeup.com, TodaysHipHop.com, NYCFoorball.com, NYCBasketball.com, NYforSeniors.com, NYCTeachers.com, HealthyNYC.com, EastNewYork.com, RealEstateWired.com, MarketingNewsReport.com, BrooklynBuzz.com, SportsClips.TV and an auto-blogging software system called Wirefeeds.

Weatherspoon (1).png

J.D. Weatherspoon


"Globally-minded, grassroots-driven human catalyst and all around renaissance man, JD has played a hand in numerous initiatives and programs both domestically, and abroad. His field of expertise spans from peer education and youth mentoring, to program development and project management. A few of his exploits include the Harvard Center for AIDS Research (HUCFAR) "Forgotten Epidemic" project, the US Refugee Processing Center, El Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje, and the US Peace Corps (Cambodia). He now heads up the Mastermind Connect's Development Branch".