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The Elemental Project: Spiritual Warrior

  • New Inc 231 Bowery New York, NY, 10002 United States (map)
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The Mastermind Connect presents it's second installment of The EleMENtal Project. Our workshop and panel series continues as we explore various topics affecting today's man. On October 21, 2017, from 1pm to 4pm, we’ll explore the topic of Mental Health, Spirituality, Masculinity and more. We've selected an amazing group of healers and mental health professionals to discuss how men can raise their vibrations, heal and help others in their communities.

This two part event will include a panel discussion, with breakout groups led by panelists following. Participants will be able to interact with the panelists during our Q&A session. Expect to be given some homework. This workshop will foster connections to continue on a healthy journey.


Houiea Love - Multidimensional Healing Artist

Daoud Abeid - Reiki Healer

Joshua Dorfman - Metaphysical healer, teacher, and life

Jason Rosario - Founder of The Lives of Men

The Mastermind Connect has once again partnered with the New Museum to use their NEW INC space to host this event. Please RSVP. Limited space available. Refreshments & Beverages will be provided.

Full Bios:

Houiea LOVE

Houiea LOVE is a Multidimensional Healing Artist based in the Bronx, NY. On a daily basis, he heals himself and others from all around the world with his well cultivated spiritual services: Higher-self and Akashic Record Readings as well as Reiki energy Healing. Through his multidisciplinary art practice, he has debuted his first short film at Tribeca Film Festival, founded the first Non-Profit House of Fashion, and most recently choreographed and danced in a solo performance at the Bronx Academy for Arts and Dance. Currently, he has completed over half of his first novel: New Magic: A Realistic Fiction that explores the Esoteric from a modern perspective.

Joshua Brafman

Joshua Dorfman, a native New Yorker, is a metaphysical healer, teacher, and life
coach. Born extrasensory, he uses his empathic, clairvoyant and channeling abilities
to assist others on their journey to self-realization and healing. Joshua is a Reiki
Master and holds certifications in Vortex Healing, an energy healing modality that
works with consciousness and matter to re-pattern all layers of conditioning.
Studying for over 15 years, Joshua began teaching and offering healing services
fulltime in 2014. Since then, he has become a resident teacher at A&E Networks
corporate headquarters, led meditations with the Broadway cast of Hamilton and
On Your Feet, taught in different studios in Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey,
and has a weekly class every Wednesday in the Union Square area of NYC. A
passionate and dedicated teacher, Joshua is a speaker at various events and panel
discussions, educating people on the importance of spirituality, health and wellness.
Passion to serve others is his creed.

Daoud Abeid

Daoud  actualized his life long attraction to spirituality and the healing arts in 2005.  He has been surrounded by martial arts and healing practice since childhood, spiritual awareness was common place within his family and immediate surroundings. His mother first introduced him to reiki in 1991 and after years of curiosity and searching he was finally introduced to his reiki master who was visiting New York from India in 2005. Since then he has been actively working to expose people to wellness, energy healing and the philosophy that disease or health is the product of life choices. He is dedicated to inspiring people to embrace choices that reinforce healthy living. Daoud trains with south and north native american Medicine people and utilizes techniques from these traditions in his healing work. Daoud is also a black belt in Kuntaw a Pilipino Martial art. He began training with his teacher in 1999 and has been constantly training the past 9 years.Daoud is working toward normalizing spiritual and healing practices in the Black and Latino community, through workshops and retreats. He feels that people are suffering from a spiritual disconnect from self and ancestors and believes that with an embrace of the traditions wellness will be restored to many who are suffering. 

Jason Rosario

Jason Rosario is the founder and creator of The Lives of Men, an integrated media and lifestyle brand that chronicles unique stories and diverse interests of men of color. An Afro-Latino man of and for the culture, Jason infuses all of his life experiences from growing up in NYC to living and traveling abroad – into creating platforms that support and uplift his community.

Jason is a graduate of NYU’s Stern School of Business and has a background in finance and commercial real estate. With a unique blend of style, culture, education and spirituality, Jason’s aim is to inspire, activate and nurture the development of well-rounded men.

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Facebook - @thelivesofmen

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