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Overnight Base Camping Trip, Upstate, NY (Members Only)

  • Private Property in Andes, NY Beers rd Andes, NY 13731 United States of America (map)

We're going base camping in Upstate, NY.

This a Mastermind Connect members-only event, sponsored by Upruit and Hispaniola Cigars!

About base camping:

Base or car camping is a great way to enjoy some of the joys of camping without having to carry all your equipment with you. All you have to do is pack up your camping gear, find a scenic campsite, and enjoy the comforts of a home-away-from-home.

Base camping is a more relaxing form of camping than survival type camping or backpacking. However, it is more rustic than RV camping. All you need to take on your base camping trip are your basic camping essentials. You can choose the degree of comfort you wish to enjoy during your trip.

The basic supplies you will need are; a tent, sleeping bags, camp stove, food and cooking equipment, wood for the campfire, and a lantern. For a more comfortable base camp you can bring along sleeping pads, an air mattress or even cots. If you have room in your car you can also pack lawn chairs, utensils, plates, cups, a bin to do dishes, and some dish soap. You can bring as much or as little as you choose, just as long as you make sure you bring what you need to be safe during your trip.

Check out pictures of last year base camping trip with Manny Almonte, Ronnie Pischon, Stefon Davis and Leo.

Base camping gives you a chance to set up a camp that acts as a home, while taking day trips and hikes. This type of camping allows you to leave your tent set up at your campsite each day. When you are backpacking, you have to pack all of your supplies with you throughout your trip. Base camping allows you to take a much more leisurely trip.