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Relax + Relate + Release

  • Center for Remembering and Sharing (CRS) 123 4th Avenue 2nd floor New York, NY 1003 United states (map)
Photo by  Keegan Houser  on  Unsplash

In these stressful times we’re living in, it's important we take a break to sit still, breathe and mentally purge the things that do not serve us. Each season brings about a different energy that can affect our bodies in different ways, leaving many of us feeling enriched, and others in need of rejuvenation. Because of this, we need to release, relax and repeat the implementation of certain practices, conversations and disciplines. With the colder months upon us, we can use this time to seek growth and abundance.

This month we will meet for a group session of sound healing, breathing exercises and meditation with spiritual adviser and meditation teacher Joshua Dorfman.

Please arrive early in order to guarantee entry. We want to give members an opportunity to fully engage in the experience, and fully benefit from the therapeutic essence of the session.

The session is $25. Please bring a bottle of water. All blankets, blocks, yoga mats and chairs will be provided at the studio.