Mastermind Connect aims to help its members grow personally, professionally and culturally, through a series of curated events, economic empowerment opportunities, leadership seminars and travel groups.


We pride ourselves on having a diverse group of men with various backgrounds in marketing. Our members can get help with their projects or business ideas from seasoned professionals. The connection, introduction or assistance in strategics is where our members see the most benefit. Our members have the comfort and ease knowing they can utilize our network to get things done.

Real Estate Investment

The real estate market can be intimidating if you are thinking about either investing, buying or flipping property we are holding seminars and events to help educate our members. We have various members who would like to valuable knowledge of an ever changing market. 

Business Management

If you’re starting a business or interested in getting support for your project we have an in-house counsel dedicated to working with our members to give initial consultations and support. You should never feel like you have no place to bring your idea and get support. 


Most people aspire to be entrepreneurs but don’t have the know-how, network or sticktoitiveness that it takes to create their own businesses. We promote entrepreneurship within our groups and seek to offer education, insight via blog content and valuable connections.  Have a business idea? Gain access to our robust network of masterminds.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities:  Do you have a brand? Do you want to appeal to a progressive and intelligent group of men? We have a full events calendar and would love to learn more about your brand. Please shoot us an email at