Membership Plans

Congratulations and welcome to the Mastermind Connect's Membership Plans page. If you're here, its because one of our senior members has approved you to become a member. Please select the membership plan that appeals the most to you.

All membership plans carry the same benefit; the only difference between them is the way the membership dues are paid. Membership dues allow us to sustain the costs of running the organization and producing the events we put together every month. We discount the plans where we can secure dues up-front. This allow us to be financially fluid in what we can offer on a month-to-month basis.

The Networker is a recurring plan with a $35 payment per month. Members pay a $95 Initiation Fee, plus the first payment of their monthly Membership Dues.

The Connector is a 6 months commitment with a bi-yearly payment of $175. New Members pay a $75 Initiation Fee, plus 6 months of Membership Dues.

The Maven is a one year commitment with one yearly payment of $299. New Members pay a $49 Initiation Fee, plus a year of Membership Dues.


  • Unlimited Mastermind Connect and Partners Events (private or public)

  • Access to Excursions and Lifestyle Events

  • Participation in Economic Empowerment Dinners

  • 2 Monthly Guest Passes (For First Time Attendees).

  • Participation in Wellness Events and Plans

  • Opportunities for Community Advocacy

  • A Blog Post Member Profile and/or Virtual Introduction

  • Mastermind Goal Setting Meetings

  • One-on-One Coaching

 Click here for a more comprehensive list of membership benefits


1. Can Membership be shared? 

Membership is for one person only.

2. Can I use my membership in various cities? 

Yes, membership can be used at all of our chapters. 

3. What is a curated email intro? 

There are amazing people in our current chapters you haven't had the chance yet to meet. Based on what you need in your life we can intro you to someone locally, in another market for dinner when traveling, or a potential new client. 

4. Can I pause my membership? 

No, membership can not be paused. However, it can be terminated. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.

5. Can I go to as many events as I want? 

That's correct, you can literally go to all of the events we offer throughout the country. If there are expenses outside the purview of admittance, such as special venue, transportation, or other travel related charges, we will make sure to let you know! 

6. Why get a membership? 

Membership is a great perk for the attendee that wants to attend multiple events per month and always wants to bring a friend along. Plus members get access to private events like our monthly book club, private dinners, business round tables, cigars and spirits tastings, quarterly retreats, and more! Members can also be part of our Young Masterminds Initiative, which gives them an opportunity to work on workshops, panels, and mentorship opportunities with young men from under-served communities.

7. What is a member profile? 

A member profile is a series of interview questions that our founders will send you and will be shared along with a short bio and profile picture on our website, our newsletter and/or social media channels. It is a great way to spotlight your business! 

Can't find a membership solution that's right for you? Email us at