Our Mission

The Young Masterminds Initiative is a program created by Mastermind Connect that promotes mentorship, leadership and positive self-awareness for our future generation.  This initiative seeks to create unique experiences that cultivate the lives of our young men, emulating the Mastermind Connect pillars of resources, reciprocity and respect. 


Growing up in today’s generation means having to be mentally prepared for many of life's challenges. These challenges can show through prejudices, judgments, discrimination and/or social rejection, causing feelings of insecurity that lead to low confidence and/or self-esteem. Unfortunately, our society has maintained outdated morals and values, which are negatively impacting our youth and elderly. These limiting ideals can be seen displayed across the spectrum of today's media; it's restricted perception continues to promote egotistical views, which translates to unhealthy behaviors among our youth and society.



Meet the Masters

The purpose of Meet the Masters is to expose the young men in this program to a variety of career options and opportunities, by curating panel discussions with accomplished professionals and influencers to introduce junior and high school students to dynamic individuals, ending with an open discussion with Q&A from the audience.

Each theme-based Meet The Masters event features 3-5 panelists, who are vetted professionals. Themes include the following:

  • Fitness and Wellness

  • Criminal Justice and Law

  • Marketing

  • Health Care

  • Technology

  • Film & Media

  • Finance

  • Social Media Influencers


Mastering Your Craft

In today’s information age, there is an importance in sitting with our youth to discuss their interests, desires and potential plans of action for their future. Our Mastering Your Craft program is an opportunity for our our members to meet with participants, showing  the way for participants to take ownership of their professional future, and providing them with tools to accomplish it.

Mastering Your Craft is a life skills development workshop coordinated by vetted professionals within various industries. Participants are provided with at least six workshops to choose from, ranging from“ Building the Next Snapchat,” to “Influencing the World Through Arts and Culture.” Groups are Composed of 5-10 Mentees, providing an intimate setting for optimal learning.

Mastermind + Masterbody

A workshop that focuses on helping young men become aware of the short and long term benefits of being self-aware of their wellness, and take better care of their minds and bodies.

Boot Camp

Our Mastermind Connect fitness experts hold boot camps focused on getting young men physically active and teaching them exercises to help boost confidence, stamina and flexibility.

Meditation & Sound Therapy

We teach young men the advantages of meditation which can help lower stress, assist in conflict resolution and help with creativity. A group meditation and manifestation circle, produced by Mastermind Connect member Joshua Dorfman.


Camping to Connect

An experiential learning and mentorship program that addresses the issue of nature deficiency in urban youth. We use outdoor-based recreation to instill self-reliance, healthy lifestyle choices, leadership, introspection and brotherhood.

For youth living in America’s inner cities, nature is hard to come by. Current research indicates that exposure to nature can have numerous physical, emotional and cognitive benefits for young people, including greater attention capacities, reduced stress levels, and improved self-esteem.

Among other sites, Mastermind Connect is granted special access to operate on Governors Island, a beautiful 172-acre park in the heart of New York Harbor that normally is closed to overnight visitors. The moment they arrive on island, our participants leave the New York City they know behind.

We teach them how to set up camp, prepare meals, and survive outdoors. Breakout sessions with mentors explore goal-setting and promote peer bonding. Fitness and urban farm workshops introduce healthy living habits. Campfire rituals, meditation and journal-writing invite personal reflection. Leaving by ferry the next day, the young men return changed and inspired.

Sponsors and Partnerships

As we open other Mastermind Connect chapters in major US cities, we're looking to roll out our Young Masterminds Initiative nationwide. If you'd like the Young Masterminds Initiative at your school or youth organization, please contact us by completing the form below:

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