Celebrate Your W’s


Tuesday, February 13, 2018 was one of the most important days in my family's life, in a long time. We closed on the house we always wanted, but the celebration was marred by me having to go to the E.R. for bronchitis, and my lady dealing with stressful administrative tasks related to her business. We kind of sucked that day. To give you some context, for you to understand why we felt this way: the last 4 years have been a journey of self-discovery, success, failures and a spiritual journey that would help us both start healing from past traumas. We both were changing careers, finding our spiritual paths and attending to family needs.

We moved to New Jersey exactly 4 years ago into an apartment we didn’t really like and a neighborhood we outgrew very quickly. We planned to get a house with a backyard, basement, garage and several rooms for our kids. The plan was delayed by at least 24 months. The career change took some time and without getting super personal we dealt with what I call the “Dark night of the soul”.

According to Google “The Dark night of the soul is a period of spiritual desolation suffered by a mystic in which all sense of consolation is removed.” In English, this is a REALLY SUCKY TIME in your life where you have to go through hell in order to learn the lesson the universe has for you.

It sounds pretty freaky right? Well, it was very real for us but also the best thing that ever happened to us. We took a few L’s, but I noticed when it happened, we gave the negativity more attention than the positives. As we slowly started to rise out of our “Dark night of the soul,” blessings began to come and our true purpose was revealed. We became protected and felt aligned with our paths.

I honestly had to thank the universe for putting us through this test and allowing us to FEEL again. I had to feel the pain, anger and frustration in order to actually discover my purpose.

The Awakening & Reprogramming

It dawned on me and I realized that we as individuals Win quite often actually, and don’t take the time to celebrate our Wins. We’re often so consumed with the emotions of losing, being insulted, attacked or whatever some poor soul is trying to distribute that we skip over it. These defenses are natural when faced with opposition but it’s all about reprogramming your responses to adversity.

I thoroughly believe that whatever you react to the most is what the Universe is going to give you the most. We ultimately become our worst enemies and open portals for “Dark souls” who only have intentions to cause stress, harm and steal.

“You are the only enemy you have in the traffic of life” - Abraham Hicks

I began my spiritual journey with a purpose and that was to be able to quiet my mind on demand. The two things that helped me achieve this were meditation and breathing. They both helped me with mindfulness in the MOMENT. I slowly started to get less and less reactive when someone said something I didn’t like. I always had thick skin, but normally only when it came to the EXTREME things. It was the little, everyday things that started to chip away at my patience, but breathing helped me fight that with self-awareness.

I started to counteract the minor setbacks by becoming mindful of the minor successes, especially within my business and home. These successes didn’t happen overnight, and they were the result of planning and preparation meeting opportunity. I began to purge and reprogram my responses to difficult situations.

Throw a damn party!

If I want to throw a Mardi Gras celebration for having a successful meeting then HELL YA. I realized I needed to reward myself at every step so I can not only experience the journey but enjoy it.

So, I’m going to take the family out for dinner and celebrate this Win. I occasionally have to check myself and this is a part of my growth. We're all moved into our new home and loving it. We have to stop punishing ourselves for not reaching the goal line in every play. We are energy and we not only consume it, we create it!

Celebrate the W's!