Mastermind Connect Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Road Trip to DC

JD Weatherspoon

JD Weatherspoon

Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is JD Weatherspoon, some of you may know me from Mastermind Connect’s blog section, various CC’s on emails, and comments from Instagram and Facebook. That's because I live in the DMV area, though everyone who talks to me for more than five minutes knows I'm a Floridian living my best life here.

This time last year, Mastermind Connect was gearing up to host its official launch event in New York City. It was a special night, and we knew then that we had created something very special. Flash forward a year, we had to honor the anniversary of our birth with something equally as major. Thus, the troops assembled, and made their way down to Washington D.C., to celebrate with the founding members of our newly established DC chapter!


The festivities began as soon as our visiting members stepped out of their vehicles, which had left New York City during the Friday afternoon rush hour traffic only Memorial Day Weekend can bring. We celebrated at Eighteenth Street Lounge, in downtown D.C., with a night of music, dancing, and libations, going from their main room to the patio and back.

Manny Almonte, JD Weatherspoon and Patrizia Griffo

Manny Almonte, JD Weatherspoon and Patrizia Griffo

Memories were captured on film, while brothers from each city got a chance to cause a ruckus (which went well into the early hours of the next morning at DC’s late night eatery Surf Side).

Friday night's turn up was leveled out by some serious R&R at the Sheraton Suites in Old Town Alexandria, followed by a poolside BBQ at DC member Jenell Webb's family home.The crew got a chance to eat, chill, and soak in some serious southern hospitality before making a special toast to the hosts, brotherhood, and Mastermind Connect member and official videographer, Deron Griffith for his birthday.


Stay tuned for the next wave of media from the DC team. Thanks for always supporting the vision, and we anticipate the hosting of our DC family on trips to New York. In fact, we’ll have the opportunity for more fellowship during our upcoming camping trip to Andes, NY. Check out this video to get a feel for the vibes we were the day after the party:

A special thanks to Jenell and Ejita Webb for opening their home to us, and to Deron Griffith, Gregory Smith, Darrell O’Neill, Frank Mena, and Lemar Moore, for taking time out of their holiday weekend to join Manny, Mike and Vernon on this road trip to the nation’s capital.

*No Timberlands were harmed during the weekend's festivities*