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Reflections from La Habana

As an American, few things are ever off limits…

Our passports hold a certain degree of clout.  Our currency is widely accepted, and our common tongue is used by roughly 1 billion people in one form or another.

Knowing just 90 miles south of our borders exists a place considered forbidden to us, made an excursion to Cuba impossible to turn down. 

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On the Importance of Connection

I have always been a heavy proponent of the Nguni Bantu principle of Ubuntu, which roughly translated means “I am, because we are”.  As human beings, we’ve evolved to find security in groups, and joy in companionship.  Living in such a fiercely individualistic society, this concept is rather easy to forget in the cacophony of internal psychobabble and external stimuli. 

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What is a Master Mind?

Success is remarkable in that it resides so closely to failure. The line between the two is so thin that the uninitiated may have trouble differentiating between the two.  Perception serves as either a tool of self-examination, or self-deception.  The mind is a very powerful asset, and establishing a daily routine of mental presence and positive reinforcement is paramount in activating one’s own inner mastermind.

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