The Spiritual Write Up


The Mastermind Connect hosted the 2nd edition of The EleMENtal Project series titled “Spiritual Warrior.” Besides moderating an all star panel, we had the privilege of using the New Inc space at the Bowery, NYC.

In the midst of orchestrating 1,000 moving parts, we had a full house of attentive guests that served up just the right questions to bring about thought-provoking answers from the panelists. So thought provoking, in fact, that many attendees were able to begin the process of identifying and addressing their own fears, doubts, and (not so hidden) pains, sharing them openly to a room full of strangers.


Discussion topics ranged from personal belief systems, to the influence of ancestry and culture on spiritual growth within the masculine experience - which is surprisingly parallel to the feminine one. The interdependence of masculine and feminine energies, and the cultural separation of the two was a recurring theme that we, as a society, have a heavy amount of ground to cover. Likewise with general awareness of what we consume and project.

Daoud Abeid made many accurate references to cause and effect, as well as often overlooked meanings of the word "warrior."Houiea Love (pron. Aww-Yay) provided key insight on peace and spiritual connectedness as tangible facts, as opposed to abstract theory. Joshua Dorfman weighed in heavily on the dogmas, stating that "the first and last love, is self love." Once an authentic version of self love is established, then can one begin the work of spreading positivity to others. Otherwise, we risk the danger of blindingly adhering to the teachings of people with credentials and important-sounding titles. Jason Rosario, founder of The Lives of Men, shared some poignant details on his personal experiences with toxic femininity, and really brought home the notion that we are all healers in our own right. Regardless of practice, or official title, we are all responsible for the energies we bring with us to the spaces we occupy, even if we aren't Reiki masters. His statement that "we hold the prescription for healing in our hands, simply through touch" was powerful, to say the least. Also, read "The Untethered Soul" by Michael A. Singer if you haven't yet. Jason should probably add book promotion to his repertoire.

I could go on and on about this event, but my words would not do it justice. Plus, we have the a copy of our Facebook livestream video of it right here anyway. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed streaming it.