Purpose is EleMENtal

Truth is singular. The paths by which you arrive there, are many. 

We're all, in one way or another, in pursuit of our own purposes, and we all have the means to walk them, should we choose to do so.  In the process of walking that path, you meet those who have gained some healthy perspective from walking theirs.

As a resource group and thought incubator for today’s progressive man, the Mastermind Connect seeks to provide that very same insight to those in pursuit of said purpose. 

In an effort to help others align with their passions, we've put together a portfolio of events, titled The eleMENtal Project: a series of informative panels and workshops designed to challenge today’s man. Armed with the help of local entrepreneurs and leaders of industry, we seek to activate, align, and empower people with ideas with the necessary information and support, in order to manifest those ideas into businesses, programs, and products.

On April 29th, 2017 at 1 p.m., the Mastermind Connect will have its first segment of The eleMENtal Project, titled "MANifesting your Vision and bringing your passion to LIFE," at the New Inc space of The New Museum, in NYC. 

This event will be the first of its kind, and we would love for you to join us, as we embark on the road to walking our collective path towards camaraderie and inclusiveness.

You can follow this link to register and learn more about the panelists.