Re-Cap: The Harlem Renaissance Group Spin Class

We're always looking to offer a variety of wellness events and we recently visited Harlem Cycle, a boutique Spin Cycling Studio. Owener Tammeca Rochester was gracious enoug to offer the Mastermind Connect group this beautiful space. She also gave us the skinny on how cycling is one of the most effective forms of exercise and a great way to burn off those calories.

Once introduced to the MasterMind Connect, Tammeca showed great interest in supporting our efforts to offer men looking to better themselves an outlet and experience that would enhance their lives. Please visit Harlem Cycle Fitness Studio to learn more.

This men's group session was accompanied by some great hardcore tunes and as always an encouraging vibe.

As always, some of the members embraced the tradition of sharing a meal to recuperate some much needed fuel.

See the gallery below: