A Letter from a Woman to the Mastermind Connect

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The letter below was sent to us by a wonderful lady who has being touched by what she has witnessed the Mastermind Connect is all about, and what it means to her. 

"From time immemorial, the notion of tribe has been a language embedded in the cultural fabric of most. Our men were the chiefs, counselors, educators, protectors, healers and pillars of communities. Aged in experience and grit, their wisdom, courage and laser-sharp focus commanded the attention, respect and loyalty of the collective.

The Mastermind Connect, coined from Napoleon Hill's cult classic ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ peels back the layers of a simple, yet complex idea: "concentrate one’s focus upon the building of plans."

I'm privileged to experience and observe a community of gentlemen who embody the tenets of a belief, cemented in their value based constitution: resources, reciprocity and respect. These steadfast men have committed their time, attention and execution to becoming and remaining a vessel for enrichment, mentorship, connection and action. From mentee initiatives to hosting wellness events, mixers and paneled workshops led by thought leaders and influencers, they have successfully double clicked on progressive men and are rolling-up their sleeves to plant positive roots.

During their anticipated and successful launch on May 24th, I found myself overwhelmed; not only by the sea of impeccably dressed men but rather, the warm inviting energy that congregated in huddles of support, filling Mezlan's Madison Avenue shoe store to capacity and tickling the curiosity of passers by. Infectious laughter, handshakes, hugs and daps all in tow to champion these young men and their efforts. At one point, I began to evangelize on a line to the restroom; "Do you know these guys?" Do you know what their discipline is?" “No, ok. Well, let me tell you...”

We are living in this incredible space and time where the individual and the country of "one," pledges allegiance to self, transformed by the machine and the screen, gazing and engaging all day long; obsessed by alternate realities. This is our frightening new norm. However, a commitment to one’s brother, as a unit, lending, bartering and thinking; vulnerable within safe ciphers; wells of information, desiring to be your brother’s keeper, redefines and rewires what is valuable.

Bravo, young men of Mastermind Connect. Bravo.


A woman"

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