Ferries, Fellowship and Fitness at Governors Island


On Saturday, August 19th, the Mastermind Connect group made the ferry ride to Governors Island for a members and friends “Bootcamp” style training event .

This event wasn’t just about burpees, hill sprints, suicide runs and tug-of-war (all of which actually occurred). It was about men from all walks of life coming together to commit as a unit to healthier behavior.

As the co-facilitator (along with Tonehouse’s Senior Training Manager, and fellow MMC member, Shaun “The SRJ” Jenkins), it was amazing watching these men of all fitness levels work together, struggle together, compete together and hold each other accountable.

This Bootcamp to Connect event was all about building; building bonds, building healthier habits and building connections and accountability partners. Hope to see you at our next wellness event.

In the meantime, there is always a cool mixer in between!

“Ferries, Fellowship and Fitness”: The Bootcamp to Connect at Governors Island
by Carlos F Davila, MMC member, Fhitting Room Instructor, Adjunct Sports Psych Professor