MC x Rag & Bone Men's Shop Visit


Mastermind Connect visits Rag & Bone men's shop in Tribeca, NYC. Click play for more.


Class. Style. Charm.

Three words that accurately portray the aesthetic of the Rag & Bone brand. So much so, that our founder Manny Almonte decided to take a trip to their beautiful men’s only boutique space, located in Tribeca, NYC, to explore the shop and find himself the right pair of jeans for 2017, which he wants to wear for our upcoming Think & Drink monthly mixer (Fashion Week Edition), which will offer the opportunity for our members and guests to see what the R&B has to offer, and shop with their new 2018 collection. By the way, the last time Manny bought any denim was back in 2007.

The Mastermind Connect has resources, reciprocity and respect, as its pillars. This was put into practice as Manny reached out to our debonair-in-residence, Jason Andrew, and our events curator-at-large, Juan Yanez, to take a stroll through the new space.

Starting the visit right, with a friendly greeting from Juan Yanez, we were led into a room with soft lighting, parquet flooring, and floor to ceiling shelves, each housing row upon row of finely crafted jeans, shirts, footwear, and accessories. This is Rag & Bone’s first standalone men’s store and the brand’s most conceptual retail design to-date.

“Focusing on a one-of-a-kind, luxury experience the unique interior design features custom graffiti fitting room installations by past Houston Wall artists Alexis Diaz, Boy Kong and Joe Hill, a record collection curated by music director and friend of the brand, Kris Bones, a gaming system and Apple TV which will stream live sporting events, and a curated collection of brand favorite items, including the custom-made Storm Trooper costume gifted to Marcus Wainwright by Lucasfilm.

Store fixtures were designed and built by the master craftsmen in Rag & Bone's Brooklyn Custom Fabrication Shop. Specialty pieces include a spalted maple and brass inlay table, hand perforated wood accessory shelving with inset lighting, a slatted wood ottoman, walnut cash wrap and a credenza with brass hardware to house a custom sound system.”

As we moved further into the store, I swear I thought I saw a whole wrecked Porsche in a glass cage. Anyways, Jason Andrew was able to provide his personal feedback on each article of clothing, making sure to drop style gems on pairings, fabrics, and textures. Towards the end of the visit (and after we were graciously blessed by Jen with glasses of fine Kentucky Whiskey) Jason even provided us with some insight as to what makes the Mastermind Connect a community he wanted to be a part of, and recommend people to. Pro tip: be sure to take notes on his advice on shoe maintenance.

For more tips like this one, make sure to catch us at Rag and Bone this Friday, September 15th, from 6-9 pm. Please RSVP!

Carrying men’s ready-to-wear, Standard Issue, accessories and footwear collections, Tribeca is a truly unique shopping experience. Stop in now at 228 West Broadway in New York.

Stylishly yours,

MMC crew.