We Ran a 5K with Dre

What a great weekend with my Mastermind Connect brothers!

When Carlos "Los" Davila and I started planning the group's first 5K run event, I was nervous and excited at the same time. Carlos, Shaun Jenkins and Marlon Briscoe are top notch trainers, who get paid to train people for a living. Who am I to put together a wellness event, when we we have these guys in the group? But running is my thing, and I'm honored these guys allowed me to organize and host it this month.

The morning of the event, I was nervous about who was going to show up for it. You see, running is not easy. The mental hurdle is a huge thing to overcome. There were guys in the group who had never run a 5k before, and I was sensitive to that. Carlos and I put together a beginners run plan that no one followed (lol). But, still, the guys showed up, ready to run.

At first, Marlon got the group together for a quick warmup and stretching session by the iconic waterside in Dumbo, NY. After a few deep breaths we were on our way.


The run was supposed to be light in intensity but heavy on the social bonding. Throughout the run, I could see the guys pushing each other and enjoying a beautiful day on the Brooklyn Promenade. The weather was perfect for a run. The view of the East River Bridges made for a beautiful site to see and a wonderful breeze to feel. We ran at a manageable 10 minutes per mile pace, which allowed for the guys to chat up with each other.


The best part of the run for me was at the end of it; the look on everyone's faces when they completed the run was priceless. These guys, who in some cases have never ran a mile on the street, just ran 3.1 miles for the very first time and they came to the realization that the run was fairly easy. They realized that running isn't as hard as they made it out to be in their heads. A light turned on for some, when they realized that they could do this on a regular basis and be on the road to a healthier lifestyle.


I realized that I could have a positive impact on others through my passion for running. These guys trusted me to guide them through the run, and that trust brought everyone closer together. I also realized that the Mastermind Connect is a very special group. This is a group of men that looks for ways to serve the community, while understanding that they must better themselves first. That self-awareness is why we're together. We understand we need each other to build-up as individuals, which in turn will allow us to be ready to serve others when we are needed.


Vernon Jones always says "we're changing the narrative, bro." After this event, I'm definitely a believer in that. Thank you everyone who showed up to run with me. I'll organize more frequent run events for the rest of 2017, and get my fellow Mastermind Connect members marathon ready in 2018!

To get a feel for the experience, and to listen to some great tunes by DJ Spivey Mixes, please play the video below: