Out of a Mountain of Despair, a Stone of Hope in Washington, DC

MLK jr.png

Dreams, like any other exercise in visualization are tantamount to the successful execution of grand ideas. Thomas Edison “saw” the light bulb before it actually lit up a room. Alexander Graham Bell “saw” the telephone before making a call. The hands can only create what the mind can conceive. As we enter this week however, I would like to point your attention in the direction of another great visionary; one whose dream was so big, whose mission so revolutionary, that it cost him his life. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Out of a Mountain of despair, a stone of hope.
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This man took on the hopes, dreams, and wishes of an entire generation, taking on an entire system using kindness, tact, and love as superpowers. Allowing countless others to break into new territories as a result.


Last Friday, the Mastermind Connect began the initial steps of breaking into new territory of its own. Beginning in New York City, a group of co-founders made the journey to Washington, D.C., to discuss a partnership that would set the tone of two great organizations. How, you say? We can't quite let you know yet, but trust it's nothing less than major. Fueled by the success of our first year, we are now in position to serve more people, and build stronger communities. This means more partnerships, more targeting, and more drive. This is because of continued support for the Mastermind Connect principles of respect, resources, and reciprocity. Thanks to some strategic planning by our Chief Development Officer, the dedication of our founders, and the unexpected support from potential members, Mastermind Connect was able to plant the seeds of its next home which we're all pretty excited about it. But most importantly, we understand the magnitude of this gift, and are humbled by it.


Thanks to the hard work, and dedication of our fellow Mastermind collective, we have a chance to reinforce our dream of changing the narrative, in hopes that countless others may be able to control their own stories.

Stay tuned!