Just Be Cool


I started practicing a very ancient and forgotten art form this year. This art used to be studied by our ancestors. It's almost as if it's been outlawed by the powers that be.

I had to travel thousands of miles barefoot while balancing a jug of water on my head. I crossed various oceans on a row boat with one paddle. I washed up on a beach and there it stood...the answer to all my problems!

What is this ancient art you ask?

It's the ancient art of Being Cool.

In all seriousness... I made a decision this year to simplify this journey to peace and happiness. I decided to "just be cool," and to not feed into others anger, commitment to misunderstanding everything, bitterness, etc.

I can't front. Meditation and breathing have helped me. But, in instances where things happen spontaneously, I don't make a decision without taking a deep breathe and telling myself to "just be cool."

If I'm wrong? Cool
If I don't get this particular opportunity? Cool
If someone misunderstands me? Cool


I have a plan, so I'm cool.
I know life's a journey, so I'm cool.
I'm still healing so cool.
Don't like this post? cool.
You want to cut me off in traffic? cool.

I had to get back to just being cool. This society is designed to keep us weak, stupid, angry and divided.

One thing they can't take from me is my ability to just be cool.

Signed: Captain Obvious

Ya'll be cool today 👽👽👽👽