You Energy Will Be Matched!


You energy will be MATCHED!

I realized this last year when I was trying to figure out what direction to go in my career, love and life. I've been an extremist all my life. I went from being a mixed martial artist, having my first kid at 24, quitting my day job with no degree or trade, starting two companies, being the top party promoter in New York City, to getting married, and then shortly after getting divorced, losing everything I had, and being stalked by my ex, dealing with depression and feeling angry all the time.

I was transmitting negative energy into the universe and expecting grand gifts in return

What could be wrong?

I realized I was getting reciprocal energy from the Universe. I was super angry all the time and would throw down at the drop of a hat. I was not nourishing my relationships. I had a best friend, and his name was Jack Daniels.

I was transmitting negative energy into the universe and expecting grand gifts in return. The arrogance! How could I expect love, abundance, and peace when I'm over here spreading the bad juju?

Things I stopped doing:

I stopped engaging in meaningless verbal joust

I stopped comparing my journey to others

I stopped blaming others

I stopped bullshitting with group tasks

I stopped talking myself out of situations

I found happiness in small things

I took up meditation and breathing

I reconnected with my beautiful mother and we're now great friends

I took a spiritual retreat trip to Mount Shasta

I bought 3 motorcycles (LOL)



I began to put out good energy and surround myself by positive people. I made the spiritual journey simple. I didn't complicate it. I knew I had to set intentions, make affirmations and be sure I reprogrammed my mind to not let every single negative thing seem like the end of the world.

I knew If I put good energy into the universe that it would come back to me ten fold. Lets start the year off right and make sure we respect other people's beliefs, even if you don't agree with them. If someone is low vibrational... eh... honor that. They are perhaps at a stage where they need to be low vibrational in order for them to learn.

Energy is Energy. I have seen abundance and change happen, but it wasn't immediate. It's an ongoing process. I stayed vigilant, and now the Universe is blessing my family. 

Stay light family!