Consistency is Key


When it comes to fun, we all have our own opinions on how it applies to us. We know what makes us feel good, and many of us have even taken the time to find out what gives us fulfillment. Moreover, we tend to have a very clear understanding of what we dislike. Ironically, 50% of our waking hours include tasks that we may or may not actually care for - life be like that sometimes.


To make it real, let's put it into perspective. At the close of every year, we are bombarded with “New Year, new me,” “Leaving ____ back in year ____,” “This year I’m going to do _____, and I refuse to tolerate ______.” New Year goals, New Year wishes, and our favorite faux pas: New Year Resolutions. For all the hype, many of these new “commitments” never make it past February.  As swimwear prices go down and temperatures go up, “Summertime fine” claims soon become “I never said which summer.” And it all comes down to one theme: consistency. And many of us are not quite good at it.



Because we crave pleasure. We are hardwired to gravitate towards what we want, what we like, and what makes us feel good. Plenty of folks love the idea of owning a luxury car. Not so many look forward to paying car notes, and maintenance fees. Problem is, improvement works in much the same way. Betterment requires planning, investments, and brings with it unexpected fees that require routine budgeting. Want to shed a few pounds? You’re going to have to re-evaluate how bad you want that Oreo. Want to stunt for the summer? Better be prepared to grind during the winter. Want 2018 to be killer? You should probably start setting up for it in 2017.

As this new year approaches, take time to reflect on how you have progressed; congrats, you’ve earned it. But don’t forget to check your room for improvement; I assure you it will always be the biggest space on the property. Make your future projections, and identify how you’re going to invest in yourself moving forward, and make sure to be consistent with your investments, even when it doesn’t feel good.

Happy Near Year!