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Consistency is Key

When it comes to fun, we all have our own opinions on how it applies to us. We know what makes us feel good, and many of us have even taken the time to find out what gives us fulfillment. Moreover, we tend to have a very clear understanding of what we dislike. Ironically enough, easily 50% of our waking hours include tasks that we may or may not actually care for - life be like that sometimes.   

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Top 5 Things Every Man Can Learn from Jon Snow

I promised I wouldn't give away any spoilers for those just starting to watch Game of Thrones so I'll do my best to dance around the pertinent details.

Jon was born the bastard son of Eddard Stark, the head of House Stark and Lord Paramount of the North . I guess in these days even a bastard got some sort of preferential treatment. Jon wasn't necessarily a favorite around Winterfell, and was often looked down upon by extended family.

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Using "No" as Motivation

Many of us begin our journey of self-belief and forget that others may not share the same viewpoint. If we can somehow muster the strength to wake up everyday, feed and nourish ourselves (and others), work a full day, workout, and then clock-in to our own futures, then surely that work ethic will be just as plain to others as it is to ourselves, right? 


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