Soulful Sundays: The Way of The Superior Man - Part I (Recap)

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“A man can only know how far he can go, by going that damn far. “

On the morning of Sunday, October 22, 2019, Mastermind Connect members decided to come together (virtually) for some fellowship and fulfilling conversation. Focused around David Deida’s The Way of the Superior Man - a book we have been digging into here, in the Washington, D.C. chapter of Mastermind Connect, for over a month now, we wanted to dive into the topics that hold us back from reaching our highest potential.

The prevailing themes were “leaning just beyond your edge,” “living as if your father were dead,” “matching energy with your presence,” and “being able to accept correction from your male friends.”

Its commonplace knowledge that in our rush to “do the work” and “be the best version of ourselves,” it’s easy to get caught in the rush of it all;

-Eating well

-Staying hydrated

-Staying fit

-Making sure the people in your life feel valued

-Paying the bills


It’s hard at times to allow yourself to be present, persistent AND patient - this battle is an uphill one that I fight quite regularly. The more you push to “perfect” one thing, the more many others seem to suffer-especially during times of transition. An essential detail that I took with me from this session is that “managing for the static in a frequency will always leave you behind” (Jenell Webb). Intentional focus is key, and will allow you to be “more open minded between the positives and the negatives” (Khurram Muhammad).

Mastermind Connect members can catch our next installment on 11/10 at 10:30am EST. Learn more about it here.