Re-cap: The Rebirth! A Men's Group Workout Sponsored by Core & Lululemon

The Rebirth! workout event at Tone House was not for the faint of heart.

We walked into the athletic-based group fitness studio in midtown, knowing we were going to be put to the test. The Tone House facility is absolutely amazing, and if I could compare the feeling, it was like the movie "300", when the Spartans arrived at the hot gates to do battle.

We all received our sponsored Lululemon Men’s tops and bottoms from their brand ambassador (and Mastermind Connect senior member) Shaun Jenkins, and it felt like we were being handed our armor for battle. The adrenaline started rushing in, and we hadn’t even left the locker room yet.

Our assigned coaches, Adrian Williams and Evan Betts, had this "you're going to hate me after this" smirk on their faces, but we couldn't wait to get started.

The warm-up was intense and definitely had our blood pumping. It truly felt like a workout in itself! We moaned, bitched, (nervously) laughed, complained and gasped for air, but in the end, together, we pushed through some intense exercises designed to test our physical and mental limitations.

I saw guys wanting to give up, but our members motivated one another to keep pushing, all the way through the end. This is the very thing we stand for and that's helping the man next to you when he's in need. Sometimes, all we need is someone to remind us that we can go that extra step needed to reach our goals. That evening, we had twenty two brothers-in-arms pushing one another.

This was an amazing experience and the coaches were very uplifting after all. We're looking forward to part two of this experience at Tone House. Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, we’re changing the pace next month, when we take our bodies through a different experience, by doing hip-hop Yoga at Y7 studios. Yes, you got that right. Oh, you thought we were only about HIIT workouts and breaking you down, when it comes to wellness? Well, no. We’re also about helping to build you back up!

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We'd like to thank our other sponsor, CORE, for keeping us hydrated and replenished through the entire workout. #betruetoyourcore indeed.

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- Michael McConnell, Founder