Getting it "Out the Mud"

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Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.
— James Cash Penney, Founder of JCPenney

In the South we have a saying called “gettin’ it out the mud.” Basically, it equates to creating something out of nothing. Taking something small, and nurturing it over time to create something substantial.

When the concept of the Mastermind Connect was created, we only had an idea of what we wanted to look like. We didn't know how much support we would get. We didn't even have a budget. All we knew was there was a huge population of men out there in need of support and camaraderie, and that we all felt tasked to answer the call.  We had hope.

Mastermind Connect Meeting at The Rockefeller Foundation

Mastermind Connect Meeting at The Rockefeller Foundation

Since then, the group has expanded to a living, functioning entity, with an entire catalog of events, over 100 applications to become a member, 40+ bona fide members accepted, and a network of supporters that grow more and more every day.

The question is; where to now?

Well, that's the fun part. Now we have a foundation on which we can continue to build. With the consolidated support of our brotherhood of members, we have the ability to organize and execute better plans, and more elaborate programming. We can access bigger channels, and reach more people, all as a result of collaborative effort.

As the Mastermind Connect continues to reach more youth via the Young Masterminds Initiative, create more Masterminds in Master Bodies, and piece together more and more eleMENts of manhood.  As we continue to thrive, let's make sure to always keep in kind where we started, and appreciate where we are.

Social Bike Ride in Brooklyn, NY

Social Bike Ride in Brooklyn, NY

To our founding members, happy birthday! To our new members, welcome aboard! We will rely on your insight, your energy, and your honesty. This men’s group thrives on the drive, commitment, and ingenuity of its members.

Let’s build. Let’s bond. Let’s GO!

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