Is it Time for a Self-Audit?

MIke Em Self Black.png

It's time for a self-audit. Take full accountability for EVERYTHING. This is about you. If you are leaving a bad relationship or having conflicts with other people, ask yourself:

Are you the problem?
Are you an unreasonable person?
Are you making excuses?
Are you procrastinating?
Have you put in the work necessary to live the life you want?
Are you giving 100%?

I learned to do this from a young college kid, almost 8 years ago. I routinely do a self-audit to make sure I'm balanced, grounded and sharp. I try to make sure the enemy isn't ME.

We're all hopeful, but the truth is we're going to have to roll-up our sleeves and (drumroll)... DO THE WORK! <--- I say this a lot.

I don't care if you're tired, sleepy, scared or feeling stagnant. Once you get past those feelings you're still going to have to grow a backbone and “get it one.” I thoroughly believe in moderation, and having a plan.

Guess what? After you get it done, you choose to cry like a baby and ball up in a corner. But, I promise you, right now, that you will feel a sense of bravery.

Look, every time we do something brave, we strengthen our backbone. We become more understanding that most of the things that we fear have imprisoned us.

I have a vision for my family, community, and self. I have issues I need to resolve. I have goals I want to achieve. I have karmic debt that still needs to be paid. But, one thing I never let fear or self-doubt do, is paralyze me. I'm a full time entrepreneur; president of a motorcycle club; community activist; father; son; family man; and liberator, among other things. Still, I have daily fears.

Do the self-audit by taking full accountability for everything. This is about you. If you are leaving a bad relationship, ask yourself; what did I do to attract someone like this? Do I need to develop a better radar for a**holes?

With all of that said, I challenge you to do a self-audit (asking yourself real questions). After you have assessed the situation, create a plan, a timeline, and execute.

Please excuse me if I'm being captain obvious here,  but I want us all to go into 2018 STRONG.

The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.
— Carl Sagan