2017 Mastermind Connect Independence Day BBQ 4:44

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock, Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z launched his 13th studio album, titled 4:44, last week. As Jeff Kravits puts it "The world has had the better part of a week now, and through a bloated holiday weekend, to digest Jay-Z's latest album, 4:44. With 10 songs spread over 36 minutes, the album wields brevity without sacrificing breadth. Its sound, crafted wholly by producer No I.D., is surprisingly cloudy and narcotic, while Shawn Carter's lyrics are reflective and bent steadfastly toward honesty. And while Jay may have missed out on a $23 million profit on property in Brooklyn's Dumbo neighborhood, he can still afford to lay bare his feelings — about Beyoncé, Prince, his mom and a lot more."

The Mastermind Connect gathered for a private BBQ and 4:44 listening session with members, close friends and family.

Frank Mena was busy manning the grill, while we indulged in Hispaniola Cigars and libations, as we analyzed this masterpiece of work. This album had us in heated debates all night talking about socio-economics, the culture, and how our group had already started this narrative since it's foundation, but we all agreed this is one of Mr. Carter's finest albums in years.

Check out some of the images below!