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Video Re-Cap: Master Mind in Master Body Hip-Hop Yoga Event

On Saturday February 18, 2017, twenty two of The Mastermind Connect Group members gathered at Y7 Studios for some Hip-Hop influenced yoga, and left feeling reinvigorated.

We want to thank Y7 Studios for opening it's doors to our amazing group of men, who spent their sunny Saturday sweating in a 90 degree room, while getting zen.

Our wellness events are always focused on helping raise money for charity. The proceeds from the Master Mind in a Master Body Yoga event went to help build schools for the children in Haiti.

Come and check out our video recap!

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Namaste Bruh or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The ROM

Culturally, men have been socialized to focus on strength, and the various ways which this can be expressed in the gym. Very rarely is there an emphasis on flexibility and/or range of motion (“ROM”).

Ironically, it is this lack of time spent warming up, working on mobility and stretching that can at times minimize the “gainz” that are so often sought after in the gym.

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