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‘For Us, by Us’: Inside the New Social Spaces for People of Color

In New York City, there’s a growing movement when it comes to places to gather. There is an obvious need for community, support and belonging, which organizations like Mastermind Connect is trying to fulfill. Jeff Lindor, from The Gentlemen’s Factory, explains why this matters in a recent article featured in The New York Times.

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Virginia: Blackface and the Future of a Slave State

If you haven’t been following along, it recently came to light that the yearbook of Ralph Northam, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, features a personally curated page which features a photo of a white person in blackface standing next to a person, presumably also white, wearing a full set of KKK robes, drinking beers at a party, as if to say, “just two good ol’ boys having a drink.”

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Healthy NYC Expo at Governors Island

Mastermind Connect and JIG Media are honored to announce the 2nd Annual Healthy NYC Expo at Governors Island. Healthy NYC is a citywide initiative that combines digital media and grassroots engagement to galvanize community influencers, elected officials, families, and healthcare professionals around the idea of improving the overall population health of New York City.

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