Breakfast of Champions with the Urban Ambassadors Initiative

Today was an excellent beginning to a great partnership with the New York City Department of Education.

As part of the NYC DOE’s Urban Ambassadors initiative, Mastermind Connect members Frank Mena, DJ CEO, and co-founder Marlon Briscoe, had the opportunity to participate this morning in the first of their weekly Breakfast of Champions series; an informal opportunity for our members to interact with high school juniors and seniors, talk about their plans and future careers, and to participate in a Q&A session with them.

Our members provided excellent advice pertaining self-identity, self-motivation, and overall drive to succeed. Key words were support, perseverance and faith

The young men and young women were extremely receptive and excited to hear of our members combined experiences, trials and tribulations throughout their personal life and business experiences. The immediate feedback was that the students responded very well to them, and our members felt elated by the opportunity to give back.


Stay tuned for more, as other Mastermind Connect members will be on rotation for the upcoming breakfast of champions at Saint Francis College in Brooklyn, NY.